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Stories of Addiction

Jan 3, 2019

Luke had very little structure in his early teens. Smoking weed occasionally at eleven years old led to smoking pot heavily at thirteen. Luke is a big, strong, young man who was a stud on the football field. A broken arm introduced him to pain pills, which lead to heroin and then crack. He could not get off the drug train and would openly smoke crack on the Bart train system in San Francisco. A month in rehab would give his body a break but he was soon back onto the cycle of weed, pills, heroin, and crack. Luke’s fifth visit to rehab seemed different. This time he feels more serious about getting clean and staying sober. He wants the American Dream of owning his own home, having a wife and family, and being happy. Drugs will not get him there, but will he do the work that is needed? He is 28 days clean today and is thinking and taking "one day at a time".