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Stories of Addiction

May 8, 2018

Born to a teenage mother, Aquia, an African American female who is now 23 years old, started abusing alcohol at age 12 when she felt her mother loved men more than her and her brothers. That opened the door to drug abuse. Aquia started using Methamphetamine at the age of 18 and was living either on the streets or in jail. At age 22, Aquia was using heroin but all of her drug and alcohol use came to a stop when she came to Santa Cruz to get recovery. Now Aquia is living at Gault House in Santa Cruz, California and working a 5 Guys Burgers. Listen to Aquia in her own words explain how she is loving life and building a solid recovery for herself. She shares her grueling experiences under the influence of drugs and alcohol and the steps she’s taking to staying clean.