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Stories of Addiction

Dec 27, 2018

Katie was an athletic teenager, winning a national championship for springboard diving. A back injury led to too much idle time and Katie used that time to party, smoke weeds and drink beer. A car accident at age 21 added more idle time and heavier use of drugs and alcohol but then Katie met her husband and the two of them got sober, got married, bought a house and had the first of their two boys. Katie started drinking "socially" but soon her behavior was very anti-social, attacking her husband and scaring her kids. A flesh-eating bacteria and the loss of health of Katie's mother caused Katie and her husband to look for a solution with Crystal Methamphetamine. In Katie's words; "The shit hit the fan". They lost their house and their kids. They lived in their car for eighteen months before Katie was arrested for stealing and sent to jail. Now Katie is fourteen months sober, her husband is fifteen months sober and they are getting their lives back.